Brda (Colio) is a hilly wine-growing region North of Gorica/Gorizia between Soča valley and Venetian plains. It is difficult to set the Northern border but one could say it is along the slopes of Mt. Korado (812 m). Nowadays the prime characteristics of Brda are its wines and wineyards, specially on the Southern slopes. Community center is Dobrovo with its large wine cellar. Brda was long a hard to reach place as it was only connected to Slovenian territory by a narrow road to Soča valley. Only in late 80-ties the so-called 'Osimo road' was constructed between Solkan (Near Nova Gorica) and Brda, cutting a short stretch of Italian territory. With this road Brda became easily accessible from Vipava Valley (with reasonably good connections to the rest of Slovenia). In Slovenian, Brda are often named Goriška Brda.

Of wines, reds are most reputed (Merlot, Cabernet sauvignon), although some whites with character can be found as well. Recently, Rebula is gaining its good name it almost lost due to low quality over decades of large production of local table wines. The once popular local Tokay (dry white wine) had to change its name due to EU regulations as Tokay was registered name of Hungarian wines. In 2004 it was renamed into Točaj (whioch would be a person sipping wine in a wine bar) and in 2006 to Sauvignonnase. Essentially the same wine from across the Italian border can still be named Tocai Friulano for the 2007 production year.

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