Divača is community centre in the Karst region between Postojna and the coast. In 19th century when the so-called (Austrian) Southern Railway was constructed, it was an important railway station with a fork of rails towards Trieste and towards Istria). Mostly known as nearest town to Škocjanske caves and evetually as the birthplace of early 20th century actress Ita Rina. On the main street between the railway station and the St. Anthony parish church is located the Škrateljnova house, an old hamlet form the 17th century (now housing an art gallery and a small Ita Rina museum). Škocjanske Caves are within walking distance (~45 min). Another interesting site nearby is the St. Helen church in the village of Gradišče (approx. 3 km from Divača).
Below the nearby Mt. Vremščica (1027 m) is a newly enlarged airstrip. Just 2 km from Divača on the road towards Lokev and Lipica is Divača Cave (Divaška jama), another example of rich underground world in the area.

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