Notranjska is the region generally spoken South of the capital, and literally spoken it is the 'inner land'. Intermittent rivers and lakes, caves, immense forests, country of brown bear are just some of the characteristics. The legendary regional hero is Martin Krpan, a corpulent farmer from around Vrhnika, depicted by a 19 centrury writer Fran Levstik. Although Carst area rather belongs to Primorska region, Notranjska is best known by its underground caves among which Postojna Cave is the best known (the other well known is Škocjanske Caves in Primorska region).

Since there is no official division of Notranjska region (yet), for presentation purposes it will be presented in the following chapters:

Postojna and surroundigs
Logatec and surroundigs
Cerknica and surroundigs
Bloke Plateau
Lož and surroundings

Natural Heritage:

Postojna Cave
Cerkniško Lake
Rakov Škocjan

Historic Monuments:

Predjamski Castle
Snežnik Castle

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