Zemono manor house was built in 1683-89 as summer house and hunting lodge for counts Lanthieri who also owned a castle in the town of Vipava. It is situated about 2 km W of Vipava on a hill overlooking Vipava valley and possbily the site of the 384 AD battle between East and West Roman armies called the Battle of the Frigidus. Manor house is characterized by arcades encircling the rectangular main building. Inside is richly decorated with frescoes depicting hunting scenes and similar. It now acts as an occasional concert hall. Weddings also take place in a smaller room within the manor house. In the basement, one of the top Slovenian restaurants (Pri Lojzetu) is located. Parts of the 'castle' serve as showroom for the Ajdovščina-based company Lipa, specialized in kitchen furniture.
On the Southern slopes of Zemono hill well-kept wineyards make Zemono a pleasant view when driving along the motorway from Vipava towards Ajdovščina. The tiny Zemono village is located towards North of the manor house.

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